In the past 30 years, The Whole Shebang established and positioned itself in the world of fashion as a premiere outerwear manufacturing company and a creator of innovative brands. Since that time, we have remained strong in the market, having set the high standards that other companies are now trying to reach for.

Established and incorporated in 1994, The Whole Shebang’s mission has always been to create quality cutting-edge fashion at affordable prices.

The first outerwear label East Side was inspired by urbanites in New York City. The company produced apparel driven by the current market, and the East Side brand flourished with signature designs that embodied the metropolis. The Whole Shebang has gained worldwide notoriety for its edgy and unique look, which has led to the success of the company. With the company’s growing manufacturing abilities, The Whole Shebang began creating innovative private labels tailored to each client’s demand.

In 2007, our company successfully stormed into the young contemporary market, presenting original, fresh, and unique styles designed for junior and missy women.

The Whole Shebang is located in the fashion district of Manhattan, where our designers strive to create styles that will continue to have an impact on the fashion world.

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Phone: (212) 302-4133

 E-mail: sales@ShebangUSA.com